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Farmhouse Digital: Institutional DeFi Access

Farmhouse Digital was founded in 2021 to institutionalize digital asset investing and deliver superior returns. Farmhouse Digital creatively uses the largest DeFi protocols, their innovative forks, and emerging protocols to maximize yield on stablecoins and native crypto assets.

The Farmhouse Digital funds are small enough to stay nimble and utilize emerging protocols without overwhelming markets. Farmhouse Digital is highly selective with its investments, vetting hundreds of protocols for every completed investment.

Farmhouse Digital Funds

Farmhouse Digital manages two complementary DeFi focused investment funds

Farmhouse Digital Stable DeFi Fund

Actively managed DeFi fund where principal is protected by using stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies to invest in proven DeFi strategies to generate high absolute returns.

Farmhouse Digital DeFi Growth Fund

Actively managed multi-strategy DeFi fund that invests in both established and emerging DeFi digital assets, while simultaneously yield farming these assets for additional returns

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The new paradigm

The Farmhouse
Digital Difference

  • The Farmhouse Digital investment process generates better returns than simply buying and holding tokens
  • The Stable DeFi Fund will significantly outperform traditional high-yield assets
  • The DeFi Growth Fund will significantly outperform other digital asset investment funds
Gateway to Crypto

Investors can access key digital assets and the emerging DeFi ecosystem by relying on crypto experts.

Expert due diligence

We dive deep on hundreds of projects and only invest in a handful at a time while managing risks at all stages of the process.

Ability To Be Nimble

We're small enough to invest in any size project, getting in early on future blue chip crypto assets, and can exit positions without disrupting the market.

yield aND growth

Investors can capture highly attractive yields on DeFi assets while capitalizing on price appreciation of crypto tokens.

Who We Are

The Farmhouse Digital Team

The Farmhouse Digital’s team has decades of experience bridging the gap between the digital asset ecosystem and traditional financial system. We are dedicated to providing exceptional returns to our investors by investing today the way that others will tomorrow.

Farmhouse Digital Careers

We are seeking entrepreneurial thinkers ready to identify opportunities, build technology and manage risk in the DeFi space. If you are interested in working with us, please email us at to start the discussion.